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My European Magical Tour – Week One: Prague

One week ago I flew from Ottawa to Prague to start my six week magical tour across seven European countries. My goal is to use magic as way of meeting as many interesting people as I can, explore every city that I visit, and to help cover expenses. After spending one week in Prague, my goals are on par. This city is awesome!

In the heart of Prague, it's easy to get lost with no navigation. All of the streets are curvy triangular grids with tall buildings. Losing your sense of direction can happen very quickly. The architecture is what stood out the most to me. Many of the buildings are very compact and close together, proudly showing their age while maintaining their beauty. My favourite building was the Gothic style Church of Our Lady before Týn, built in the 14th century.

I did some sight seeing, but the place I spent most time in was Old Time Square. It seemed to be the best place to find an audience for street performing.

Old Town Square has thousands of tourists walking in and out every hour. There were so many talented street performers. It was so refreshing to see so many different acts that I have never seen.

Here is magician from Prague. I couldn't talk to him much because of the language barrier.

The biggest attraction seemed to be the Astronomical clock, where every hour thousands of people would gather around. The statues surrounding it all start to move when the long hand strikes 12. This was also my cue to start a show, because I knew with in minutes there would be big crowds walking by as they left the clock.

My third day performing was my best in Prague. Both the weather and the crowds were great. I met a 10 year old kid named Adam, from Egypt. This guy was so funny! He was my best friend for the day. He followed me around for hours, incidentally becoming my camera man, and assistant.

Later in the afternoon I was approached by three guys who seemed to be interested in my performance. One of them had a video camera and was recording as they watched. Half way through, I learned that they were professional magicians from Norway, and received a grant to record a tv series of performing street magic across Europe. I’m excited to be part of their Prague edition! Their names were Hans Grane, Christian Wedoey, and Mikkel Hauge... and they were so good! I got to see their show after and it was fantastic. I even got to be a part of it. Afterwards, I met a local magician, named Damion. From there all of us met for dinner, then jammed out magic for hours and partied until 5 am. It was a crazy night! The next day they traveled to their next city, I hope to cross paths with them again one day.

The rest of the days were spent performing more magic, sight seeing, eating Czech food and drinking Czech beer. There was also a magic show at Club M1 that I got to go see and very much enjoyed.

Below is a clip of my ball and cup routine, just after meeting the Norwegian magicians. It's my first video posted on my new Youtube channel. So make sure you like and share if you enjoyed. If you want to see more of my adventure then you should also subscribe. There will be more to come!

As of now, I'm on a train to Berlin, Germany, where I'll be spending my next week doing it all over again in a different country. I hope to post again soon!


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