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Magic and Adventures in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Three weeks ago I flew to Australia for another exciting adventure. Just like traveling through Europe, my goals were to use magic as a way of meeting people, sightseeing, and to help cover expenses. After spending a week in Brisbane and Gold coast, Sydney and Melbourne were next on the travel list.

I only had four days in Sydney. During that time I explored the city, visited Bondi Beach, and performed on the streets. Sydney had some beautiful views. Here is a view of the Opera House and Circular Quay looking down from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most iconic beaches and attracts thousands of people on the hot summer days. The waves are large and consistent, making for a popular spot for surfers and surf shops. Below is a panoramic view of the beach.

It was 38 degrees Celsius and sunny when I was there, making for a tough place to leave. Here I am enjoying a refreshing beer just past the point at Bondi Beach.

I met two very talented street performers in Sydney. Below is a shot of Cam Nicholson and The Bucket Boy performing in the Pitt Street Mall. I enjoyed Cam's music so much, that I used one of his tracks for the music in the video posted below. Thanks Cam!

Here's a picture of my audience reacting to some magic in Sydney.

Next I was off to Melbourne. I was very excited because I had much more planned for this city. The busking here was fantastic. It didn't take much to get a crowd and the tips here were great!

One day while performing on South Bank, I got swarmed by a handful of Melbourne magicians. I was told they really enjoyed my performance. It was very nice to hear that! I hope to cross paths with them again one day.

I went to see the Illusionaire Magic Show starring Rosanna and Sam Angelico. It was a beautiful venue and a great performance!

I was fortunate to be in Melbourne on Australia Day. Much like Canada Day in Ottawa, the streets of Melbourne were very lively. Below is a picture of the Australia Day parade on Swanston Street.

I was in Melbourne long enough that I booked a few days for adventures. This is where most of my highlights were when visiting Australia.

If you ever visit Melbourne, be sure to take a trip down the Great Ocean Road. It is an amazing drive along the south-eastern coast of Australia. It was built by the soldiers returning from WW1 and is the world's largest war memorial. The road traverses rainforests, endless beaches, cliffs, as well as the 12 apostles. The views were amazing.

The first stop was the 12 Apostles. They are a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, formed by erosion.

I had the opportunity to view the apostles from both the lookouts, and from the sky above. It was my first time in a helicopter. I was very excited, as the views were amazing. Be sure to watch the video below for some fantastic footage.

Next stop was Maits Rest Rainforest. The trees here are massive and beautiful. It was very humid here, I'm sure it felt close to 40 degrees Celsius, as it was 36 degrees outside the rainforest.

I visited Kennett River where I was welcomed by wild and friendly King Parrots. There were also adorable Koala Bears sleeping in the trees. They reminded me of my typical mornings ever since I became a magician.

Every evening during the summer months at St. Kilda Beach there are penguins that swim home to the rocks on the pier after a long day's work. It's always just after dusk, so taking pictures is difficult because they do not like the flash. Below is a picture of the walk leading to the pier, as well as a baby penguin I saw hiding under a rock. They were very cute!

I visited Melbourne's Botanical Gardens. This was a beautiful walk with many plants I had never seen before.

I did some busking on both Swanston Street and South Bank. This crowd was lots of fun!

Here is a video of everything I enjoyed doing the most in Melbourne and Sydney. They were both beautiful cities with so much to do. I hope to return again in the years to come.

I am currently in Auckland, New Zealand and have already had a great time with more adventures to share soon. I'm heading to Queenstown next and it won't be long until I share my travel experiences again. Thanks for reading!


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