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Best magician in Ottawa
Recommended magician in Ottawa

Kevin Smith, who goes by the stage name “Mr. Smith,” is one of Ottawa’s most entertaining up and coming illusionists. His passion for magic shines through in every performance, as he dazzles the mind and has his audience roll with laughter throughout his shows.

Kevin’s story is one of remarkable passion and dedication for his craft. Having discovered his love for magic 13 years ago, Kevin has devoted his energy to learning the ancient art of illusion, carefully preparing strolling and stage performances for audiences of all ages and of any walk of life. Soon after diving into the craft of mind-bending and magic, he had to make the greatest decision of his life: to continue with his career as a licensed carpenter or to completely embark on the adventure of mystifying and thoroughly entertaining his audiences? Kevin chose the latter and after having successfully performed 200 shows in just his first year as a full time magician, he never looked back. 

For Kevin's full story on how he became a magician click here.

In 2017 and early 2018, Kevin took his show around the world and performed in 18 cities across 12 countries. With nothing more than pockets full of tricks, he used magic to meet people, go on exciting adventures, and cover his expenses. Be sure to check out the blog page where Kevin shares all of his traveling adventures with you.


Today, Kevin continues to research and learn new material for his performances in order to keep his audience constantly on their toes. He is able to trick the mind and eyes while maintaining a happy, light, friendly, and thoroughly entertaining atmosphere, always adapted to his spectators.


Please visit the pages in this website for more information on his services and contact information, as well as to see photos and testimonials from his previous work. Be prepared to be amazed!

Professional entertainer in Ottawa

The Magical Assistant

Virtual assistant of ottawa magician
Makeup artist who is also a virtual assistant
Virtual assistant who is also a makeup artist

Meet MJ!


MJ is Mr. Smith's virtual assistant from the Philippines! She is a mom of one who enjoys the perks of working at home as a freelancer. She started her career in 2018 as a data entry sub assistant, and now, she specializes in customer service, marketing, and social media management. 

With four years of experience in the industry, her primary objective is to provide exceptional customer service. She now is responsible for handling Kevin's inquiries, coordinating bookings, and overseeing Mr. Smith's social media presence.

In her leisure time, she indulges in the artistry of creative makeup, which naturally aligns with her favorite season, Halloween! With a mischievous sense of humor, she takes great pleasure in delighting and surprising others, often leaving them pleasantly spooked.

Introducing Binky and Mickey

Rabbit entertainment

After returning home from Australia and New Zealand in February 2018, Kevin knew that he wanted to take his children's magic show to the next level. He decided there was no better way to do it than to magically produce a live rabbit for the children to go crazy. So, the research began. He wanted to know which breed was the best for performing magic, as well as much information possible on how to properly care for a rabbit.

The first task was to build a den large enough for the rabbit to live in, run around freely, and get lots of exercise. Rabbits should not live in cages! Being excited to brush the dust off of his carpentry tools, Kevin got started on building a den with five levels all connected with ramps and bridges. There are 65 square feet of surface area with two of the levels built in front of windows to allow for as much natural light as possible. After building the den, the next step was to have it furnished with toys, boxes, tunnels, and blankets, and to buy the proper food, litter, and cleaning supplies. All of this was quite the investment!

A magician's rabbit

It was finally time to buy the rabbit! Kevin found a local breeder online. His original plan was to get one Netherland Dwarf, white male rabbit. Kevin learned in his research that Netherland Dwarf rabbits are the smallest breed. This was important because the larger the rabbit, the more difficult they are to hide! The chosen color was white because it is more visible on stage. And finally, a male was chosen because males tend to be smaller, and more social and friendly than female rabbits. 

Kevin Smith's magic bunny

Here is a picture of Binky, just before he knew he'd become a magic bunny!

When Kevin arrived at the breeder's house, there were just two baby rabbits left from the litter of eight, both snuggled up to each other in a small, cozy nest. They were born in January 2018.


Feeling guilty about separating the last two siblings, Kevin carried on with the original plan of buying just one rabbit. He took the white male home and placed him in his new den. A "binky" is when a rabbit jumps and twists in there air, which is a sign of happiness. That's exactly what he did once he was placed in his new home, hence how he got his name. But, Kevin knew that something wasn't right. Rabbits can get very lonely if you don't spend enough time with them, or if they don't have a friend to keep them company.


With his guilty conscience increasing by the hour, Kevin went back to the breeder and picked up Binky's sister. After just 4 hours of possibly never seeing each other again, the siblings were re-united!

Magical bunnies

Binky is the rabbit normally used for magic shows for the reasons stated above. Mickey is there for companionship or a back up in case Binky isn't feel well. The decision to keep them together has not been regretted. They are constantly next to each other, either cuddling or showing affection in some way. After 6 months, it was time to get them fixed to prevent inbreeding. The saying "breed like rabbits" exists for a reason, as there were a few close calls!

Here is a sped up video of Binky and Mickey enjoying their multi-level den. They must hear food coming!

Everyday when the weather permits, Binky and Mickey get to run around freely outside in the backyard. Other than dinner time, this is when they get most excited as their number of binkies increase! Surprisingly, they show no interest in running away. Signs of a happy rabbit! 

The home of the magician's rabbits

Can you see Binky relaxing in this picture?

After the show, all the children are welcome to pet Binky and take pictures with Mr. Smith!

Kids entertainment with rabbit
Children's birthday party with the rabbit

Are you interested in having Binky perform for you? If so, click here. Otherwise, be sure to come back to this page for more Binky and Mickey adventures!

Valerie Charron
Medical Council of Canada

Kevin was amazing!! We hired him to do some magic tricks for our Holiday party during cocktail hour. Everyone was blown away with his performances. He was also very quick at responding when we were coordinating everything for the booking. Would highly recommend Kevin.

Annable Designs
Ontario Approved

Kevin was our entertainer for our Small Business Christmas Gala and what a show! Everyone was entertained, excited and amazed. This guy is incredible and if you are looking for a magician - look no further.

Deborah Lovegrove
Arcfield Canada

We invited Kevin to our Corporate event and he was truly AMAZING!! He blew everyone away with his incredible talent and illusions! I am still getting emails from our guests commenting how phenomenal they thought he was. Our own company VP loved it and was amazed by the magic. We would highly recommend him for your next corporate event. Many thanks Kevin for an entertaining afternoon!
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