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Introducing Mr. Smith's pack flat, play big Tip Over Trunk!


The perfect solution for making anyone or anything magically appear. Whether you want to produce the CEO of the company that hired you, or Santa Clause over the holiday season, this deceptive illusion will get the job done.


The unique design allows the trunk to assemble or disassemble in just minutes with no tools required (although, a ruber mallet for some gentle tapping may be useful). When dissasembled, the trunk packs flat for easy storage and transportation.


Assembled Dimensions: 48" wide, 24.5" deep, 35" high

Packed Flat Dimensions: 48" wide, 24.5" deep, 13" high


Unveil the enchantment at your next event:


Rental: $500 per event

Sale Price: $3000

Prices subject to change.


Be sure to watch a video of renowned magician Eric Leclerc perform this illusion in the picture section, and experience the wonder with Mr. Smith's Tip Over Trunk today!


Designed and built by carpenter and magician, Kevin Smith

Tip Over Trunk

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All items are subject to 13% HST

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