Close Up Magic

From carefully crafted sleight of hand to mind bending mentalism, Kevin's close up magic show brings the magic and mind reading right in front of your eyes. He performs interactive magic with cards, cups, balls, coins, and more. 


With only a few minutes of prep time to load his pockets, Kevin is able to create miracles with many laughs and surprises as he walks around the room from table to table, or group to group. This show is best performed during networking events (e.g. cocktail hours or mixer) or while guests have some time to mix and mingle (e.g., while waiting for food, for speeches to take place, etc.).


Kevin’s strolling and close up magic can be done with minimal equipment and is perfect for a variety of venues, including lounges or restaurants, wedding halls, convention centres, or even for at home for birthday parties. Great for all ages!

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