• Kevin Smith

Lyallen Hayes Memorial Fund Gala

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to perform for a lovely group of men and women at the annual Lyallen Hayes Memorial Fund (LHMF) gala, hosted by the Ottawa Police Association. The LHMF is a fund created in 2005 that is dedicated to helping all women and children live a health, happy, and prosperous life free from violence. Ms. Hayes, who had spent her life working as a social worker and activist tasked with protecting women and children who had suffered from violence, unfortunately passed away in a car accident in 2003. Saddened by her loss but inspired by her work, in 2005, two of her friends created the memorial fund to continue Ms. Hayes’ life mission. These two women presented touching and emotional speeches to kick off the event.

I was lucky enough to be invited through an agency (Orbital Talent) to perform my corporate stage and strolling show for the annual gala. Even though I read about the inspiring LHMF, I could not have been prepared for the sheer energy in the room, from the touching speeches to the laughter and cheers during my show. The audience was engaged and responsive during every trick, illusion, and joke, and were particularly enchanted by my signature Murder Mystery performance. Several of the members of the Ottawa Police Association showed off their true detective skills!

This event reminded me again about how lucky I am to have the job of putting smiles on people’s faces. Performing magic is truly a give and take experience: every time I am able to make someone ask “how did he do that?” or break out in laughter, they give me the reason and the motivation to keep pursuing my dream. The best part of my job is being able to see people of all ages - from children to professionals that dedicate their lives to protecting and improving our communities - burst out in smiles as they witness magic first hand!

My thanks go out to the LHMF, the Ottawa Police Association and Orbital Talent.

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