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Children's Magic Show

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Please include as much information as possible including the date, time and location of the event, name of organization, and the audience size. Including all of this information will help Kevin know exactly what you are looking for and provide you with a quote very quickly. Thank you!

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Kevin Smith Magic

Kevin's family magic show consists of child and youth appropriate laughs and surprises with lots of music and audience participation. There are tricks with jumbo playing cards, coloring books, cups and balls, and even endless amounts of money! Children get called up to be part of the show and get to perform the magic for themselves. Some get dressed as magicians, and others as construction workers as they perform magic while making the entire audience roll with laughter. Each routine takes the audience down an unpredictable path... just when they think they know how the trick is done, all assumptions are disproven with a surprise finish leaving everyone wondering "how?" 

Whether they are public shows or private shows that take place in shopping malls, in theaters, indoors or outdoors, for holiday parties, fairs, and festivals, there is no audience too large or too small for Kevin's family stage show! Not only limited to Ottawa, this show can be made to play big using a beautiful backdrop, high end microphones and a PA system to deliver quality sound for the whole audience to hear. This performance can be any length up to 1.5 hours and finishes with a surprise live bunny rabbit that the children go crazy for!

For children's birthday parties please click here.

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